Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NEWS/LOCAL - UK - HR area- Litter pick, Hereford, April 1st

Hmmn. This needs thinking about.

It will work fine on the main site (only all those from overseas using my advised HR9 postcode will get a lot of stuff that may be a tad beyond an easy commute... sorry:() when we start popping stuff up there again.

Here, well, all of you are getting it. For now, if you see a 'LOCAL' heading and the title and/or locale doesn't appeal... please ignore.

But if it does, read on MacDuff!

As taken from their PR:

Some local worthies are planning on doing a litter pick in Hereford city on April 1st. (I am assuming this isn't, well, you know... a leg pull. But check!).

The plan is to meet at M&S in High Town at 5 pm, pick for an hour or so and then retire to the pub.

It's not a substitute for the Council, but a way to bring concerned people together and draw attention to the problem while actually cleaning up some of the mess in the City.

They are looking for a few more volunteers. If you'd like to come along, do let them know. Or if you know of others who would like to come along, please encourage them (as Junkk.com is doing here) to get in touch, via jesse4hereford@gmail.com. They have some kit already but need to know numbers in order to locate more.

Civic share, over and out.

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