Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Picture imperfect?

Call it grumpy Tuesday. End in sight?

The sad thing is I actually agree that there is a need for stirring imagery to motivate. I just am getting weary of a new class of eco-warrior who see it as their job to educate the rest of us in the error of our ways, but seem immune to the slight irony behind much of what they do for fun and/or employment being pretty much what the rest of us are being told we mustn't any more.

And, if true, when there turns out to be sting in the tail (there would appear to be another story about the plight of the village in the picture), it rather sets the more moderate causes back a tad.

I guess I'll get a slapping from the 'but you're missing the point (of flying the world to share this)' crowd, but it all rather smacked of 'them' and 'the rest of us'. Like doco makers who 'do' the Caribbean or dive shop owners in the Red Sea getting their knickers in a twist about plastic bags as the main priority. Hence:

Just wondering, but from what was that picture of Kivalina taken?

Passing plane, fine(ish - but it rather begs who is in it going where and why), but if someone went up in a helicopter I'm guessing that will be ok because 'it's their job', and there was a need to 'raise awareness'.

The way it's going I think the Antarctic will have set up a pub at the airport to handle all the journos popping up there to do a piece to camera about, well, all of this being caused by other folk flying hither and thither... if not to do a piece to or with a camera.

But as our new climate savour TB would say, 'it's not like, really practical for HIM not to fly'.

I guess some just have more green cred to blow than others.

So here's a wheeze for all those in the 'meedya' popping off for a weekend's skiing while the snow holds this Easter: when you're taking your happy snaps off piste, just claim it's for a piece on the effects of global warming.

Seems to work. And nice if you can get it.

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