Monday, November 02, 2009

AWARD - Green Web Awards


WHEN: Now, until, er, later
WHAT: Green Web Awards
WHAT... MORE?: From the blurb: annual awards for the best green websites, social media and digital activity, run by Nigel’s Eco Store .

In 2008 they asked some of the web’s leading environmental bloggers and social media users [not asked for some reason, guess I'm not 'leading'...yet;)]to name their favourite green sites in twelve categories. We wanted to celebrate the best and worst of the green web.

This year, following some great feedback on our blog, they’ve decided to make the awards a tad more democratic. [Must check out that great feedback that resulted in such a welcome enhancement]

COMMENTS: Modesty prevents and all that.... but if a kind person or two would feel so disposed to put in a good word. I note we still have leading green judges from many previous awards of note, so this blog has a hope in hell, but the site deserves to get a fair crack

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