Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, the buzzing of the bees

... in the cigarette trees......(From 'The Big Rock Candy Mountain'). Maybe a sound that you will not hear that much in the future, and that is a cause for great concern, as our little friends, the bees, in their many species, appear to be in almost terminal decline. Full report from the Indy.

So what? I hear many of you ask. Well, without bees, a lot of our food crops will not be pollinated, and yields will drop dramatically. So they are, kind of, errrrm, rather important to humanity.

The article explains how CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), which has devastated parts of the USA, has since hit Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece hard too. Now it seems to be spreading into the UK. And the cause of CCD? There is some research which now points the finger at mobile phones. The suggestion is that mobile phone signals somehow interfere with the bees navigation systems; they are unable to find their way back home, and they die.

Yet another serious enviro issue to worry about. And that's NOT tongue in cheek!


NEW - (Junkk Male) I was not aware of it at the time or I'd have picthed in, but here's a response from No10 to a petition on this topic.

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Peter said...

You know, of the flood ('scuse pun) of eco-woe stories that have filled our screens and pages of late, this one is the one that has me most worried.

At least no AGW hoopla... yet... to go with, but the fact is a huge concern, and the reasons should be found.

I say this watching the last of the spring blossoms fall from our trees, and wonder simply how mnay have been visited as often as they need to do so agin in years to come.