Thursday, August 14, 2008

What goes down, can come up

Is it just me, but wouldn't it make a wee bit more sense not to chuck it out in the first place?

High price of plastics raises prospect of rubbish mining in dumps

I must be sitting on a gold mine (just personally - what is set up to offer by way of getting people paid by those willing to fork out cash rather than a fine seems an opportunity, too!

Britain's bin baron says: get recycling like the Germans

Recycling: mining muck

The hidden cost of recycling - now that sets a cat in even my own set of enviROI notions!

PRW - Mining for plastic in landfill within a decade

MRW - NEW - Councils miss out on "green gold"


Dave said...

Perhaps the concept of hoovering up all the plastic floating in the pacific ocean's trash vortex isn't such a pipe dream after all?

It would certainly be considerably easier than mining rubbish dumps for it!

Peter said...

How'd you find that???

I'd been looking all day... and I own the siet and have access to all the searchy thingies.

Anyway, looks like our pipe dreams are better than my spelling (I'll correct the H/L when I find it).

Er... should we mention this to any one? You know, I think I will...