Thursday, June 12, 2008

42 Days is a long time ......

.... to be held without charge.

The genius that is Matt of the Telegraph strikes again!

The thing is, there was a heated debate about the 42 days for suspect terrorists yesterday evening in my local. Now I didn't read or hear this, but two people were absolutely adamant that the way that the Bill was worded, it effectively gave the police the powers to hold anybody for 42 days whatever the offense! I've had a quick browse and cannot confirm this one way or another. Can anyone out there cast any light on this?

So, if it is true, whether you are a potential terrorist, or naughty enough to have put the wrong plastic in the wrong recycling bin, beware!

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Peter said...


I'll be impressed if we have any lawyers reading this!

Not looking good.

One of my big bugbears, and oft expressed over on 'El Burro Hotay!' blog linked next door, is vague legilsation that is 'open to interpretation'.

Basically sloppy catch-alls that mean you can be nicked if they fancy.

Such as eating a Mars bar while driving or carrying a Leatherman if you are a teenager (or old ph*rt en route to a job like me too, I bet).

And as most plod don't have a clue (vis: a Cop-lite demanding a photographer hands over his film as taking pictures in public is 'illegal') it's a total mess.

Maybe, just maybe it was better in the 'good ole days when discretion was used and daft prosecutions woudl reflect on those that brought them, but in this 'no fine, no bonus' culture it's gone to the dogs.

Just don't be 'naughty' (disclaimer: definitions may vary from time to time, county to county and knee-jerk Home Sec. to micro-obsessing PM).

First they came for my mixed plastics and I did not speak..