Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tides of Opinion

I am aware on various issues regrading the controversial Severn Barrage tidal proposal; too much to hope our national news will help clarify matters sensibly.

I have written:

I have just watched the BBC Breakfast News 'report' on the Severn Barrage. Being already aware of the ecological objections I was keen to learn more objective information on the claim that it makes no economic sense, but this only amounted to a member of the RSPB saying so (if based on a 'report'). Hardly in depth. Or objective. 'Balance' was provided by an 'expert' who was quoted more on what the alternatives, specifically wind, would involve... to wildlife. What about the economic arguments we were promised? Or any hint as to this scheme's potential in reducing greenhouse emissions effectively?

I am also intrigued at the comment passed that governments should not be involved in huge energy projects. Er... do what?

Is the BBC just a mechanism to read out press releases, or can we ever hope to get news and analysis in forms these days that allow sensible understanding of the issues?

BBC - Concern over tidal barrage cost


Dave said...

Seems to be a lot of argument around cost and whether it would be a much better ROI to put such a huge sum into other renewables such as wind power. See this piece in the
Telegraph for example.

Peter said...


It would be wrong to use £15bn of taxpayers' money to build the barrier when as much power could be produced more cheaply from other renewable sources.

But not what I, or anyone watching, got from the BBC.

I got drowned birds vs. shredded ones.

Hence we now move on to whether thsi report is true and if so why taxpayers' money is being squandered... again.