Monday, June 09, 2008

Wish you were here... VISA

Like today, yesterday was gorgeous.

And we are lucky; we live in a part of the UK that when it is gorgeous we don't actually need to go any further than our front door to enjoy it.

In fact we ventured only as far as the back garden.

I attacked the jungle, and then me and the boys pulled my trolley round the dump.

Then we had a BBQ, having picked up the makings en route home.

And then we did sod all the rest of the day. Bliss.

I'd advocate this to anyone.

Thing is, I also see why it might not always be that great, and especially when it's part of a holiday that might fall in a period of unplanned (unlike the trip) bad weather.

The horrifying cost of Britain's top attractions

Been there, been overcharged for that, and got the rip-off T-shirt.

Which is why a holiday to sunnier climes where the boys need no more than water, sand and a spade to spend a blissful 12 hrs is still a pretty good option.

So I think some balance in the 'stay at home' advocacy is in order. To deny the facts is silly.

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