Monday, June 09, 2008

Space wars

Polluting cars to carry cigarette-style warnings?

Actually.... I am almost on board with aspects of this.
Now, taking as read that all cars (bar my kids box-versions) are polluting to some degree, I think in ad terms it boils down more to good old selfish end-benefit. Or. in this case, end-less pain.
It seems daft to ask folk to get their heads round full life cycle analyses (enviROI of making though using to disposing), and in any case that is a can of worms.
In fact the only figures that are relevant are the tax, running and resale.
Trouble is these are a moving target and changed as soon as issued at the tick of a box-tickers biro in Brussels.
So, I tend to agree, if for slightly different reasons. Cars don't kill people living on planets; people driving them does... er... may So as one moves from what you are doing to yourself to what you might be to others, I'd say that if the space is going to be used for an 'eco' reason, use it for a better one than what is proposed.

Or charge them 'protection' money of 20% on the media cost like the mob, and donate the proceeds to bike lanes or public transport initiatives that might actually work and get money to where it is of value and not some pol or quango's back pockets.

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