Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NEWS/Commercial PR - Water, water, not as everywhere as it could

Two things. Water is becoming a key aspect of our planetary future. Where it is... and isn't. Where it can be used. Or can't.

Second, as the first company to upload their product data to our second use ideas section, we have a soft spot for ecover.

They tend to walk the walk as much as (and often before) they talk the talk. So their press releases on matters eco tend to actually be worth something. All the more so when it goes hand in hand with charity. This one looks well worth supporting.

So, E&OE....


Ecover has launched a three-year partnership with international charity WaterAid. This partnership supports a project in Ethiopia, providing sustainable and ongoing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Ecover and WaterAid share the objective to provide effective, sustainable solutions for the hygienic needs of people around the world, and it is this common interest that has led to the formation of the partnership. This is the first time WaterAid has worked with a business where both parties are actively working together to drive change.

The partnership will focus on the area of Hintalo Wajerat in the Tigray region where only 22% of the population currently has access to safe water and just 6% have access to adequate sanitation. More shocking is the fact that 17 out of every 100 children will die before they reach their fifth birthday. On completion of the project 14,750 people across eleven villages in the region will have access to safe water and effective sanitation.

From the end of June the partnership will be promoted on 1.5 million Ecover products across 10 lines.

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