Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Been here before. Not by car any more, though.

The low-carbon road out of poverty

The sooner some figure that many live outside of well-served urban centres the better. And many of those don't work near where they have to work or when such systems as do operate.

My Mum's carer is being hit hard trying to get around 10+ clients in a day round the county, and doesn't get her miles covered by taxpayer (but those already ill-positioned to help her with the rate hike will... or the tax-payer) as do our political or LA or quango classes, and using a bus or hitching a ride from a passing lifshare is not quite going to meet the flexibility or shift criteria.

So whacking her for her car choice a decade ago, plus her total lack of choice in operational cost ain't going to cut it alone.

Sorry if that doesn't gel with the bike (or taxi if it's raining) brigade in Islington or Prius types being chauffered from Westminster, but a bit more joined up national thinking might be needed to address the problems being faced without just looking like acting whilst actually crippling those trying to keep up with one knee jerk after the next.

In fact, this whole thing is shaping up as a pretty elitist, city-centric, nice-if-you-can-afford it number for the establishment brigade to wring their hands over whilst crushing those they purport to represent and/or have sympathy for, whilst just doing what they can afford to do on the backs of those who cannot.

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