Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nature's Bounty

Just watching the news about the Chinese clear up of the sailing venue.

10,000 troops cleared vast swathes of green algae clogging the shoreline and, it appears, it all has ended up in landfill.

Meanwhile, this weekend I attacked our little 1/2 acre of garden, which frankly has ended up as a jungle thanks to the combo of sun and rain. Amazing little green factories using solar energy (even through clouds) to make carbon-based materials.

And I will be trotting off with a large trolley full to the tip next weekend.

I merely ask, but I don't know, but might there not be some value in looking at efficient ways of gathering this material and getting it to places where it can be used to generate heat and resources? Maybe it does already, but if not it seems a pity that essentially my garden, if used only for compost, is mainly emitting co2 with little to show.

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