Sunday, July 13, 2008

You never know, it may get printed...'s (my online comment about my online site) carbon footprint is pretty low:

Of course, some have moved with the times and also embraced the potential of the internet as silver surfers.

On, a free online site, some of the best reuse ideas posted hark from those with a lifetime of experience to share.

Times - Our grandparents were the real greens - 'Brown’s ticking-off was music to my ears. For the past year I have been researching and writing a book focusing on how green the British public... Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You About Diet, Thrift and Going Green will be published by Chatto & Windus in 2009

Dilemma time. I am thinking about writing a book, too, but the tricky part is building a reuse aspect into it, unless the fact it will be more a 'how to' will suffice.

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