Friday, July 04, 2008

'It must be good; we spent millions on it'

I am grateful to Dave of Solarventi for this link to one the greater 'Well, d'uh's' of the year:

Government ads for climate change need a new approach

And just how much has been blown on massive green-related comms efforts to date, until just now coming to the realisation that 'The 3 'E's' (entertainment, engagement and end-benefit) are more likely to work than nanny, nag, guilt, fine or fear?

Any nitwit can do a 'we're all doomed/look how awful things are' ad and stick a 'well don't do it' finger wag and URL in the final 5 seconds to log a box tick for 'awareness'.

To effect change, the tricky bit is actually motivating folk to turn from screen and act differently... whilst not minding at all. That ain't so easy, and takes a bit of thought... but it can be done.

As almost no one currently blowing vast budgets trying seems to have managed, maybe we need new bloods commissioning, creating and approving beyond the current crop of unaccountable Gov depts, open-chequebook quangos and their generous SoHo post-strategy dining hosts... and production/media budget beneficiaries (with doubtless some truly spectacular offsetting at work here as well come invoicing time)?

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