Friday, July 04, 2008

Just one teensy-weensy question ......

.... are all the prospective guests traveling there by sailboat?

I can't help asking this. Starting eco-friendly holiday resorts seems to be becoming all the rage at the moment, as this from the Sydney Morning Herald exemplifies. It just seems rather incongruous that the only way of reaching Branson's proposed resort on Mosquito Island will be to fly there.

Perhaps they will only be using Virgin aircraft powered solely on bio-fuel?


Peter said...

It will move from this slot when I add the next updaate, but if you check latest addition to the Biofuel category (currently above), it's not actually looking like helping the mitigation case too much, really, as such.

Dave said...

Yes I heard about the 'secret' report this morning on the radio.

I cannot believe that the US push for bio-fuels (which over there largely means ethanol from maize) can be solely responsible for raising prices by that much. There are massive transportation cost increases to be factored in, as well as the fact that there is a world shortage of a number of main food crops due to failures over the last few years. (Whether climate change [or over-population?] can be blamed for these failures is, of course, a matter of oft inflamed debate).

Rice, for example, has more than doubled in cost in the far east over the last 12 months - yet (well .... as far as I am aware) no-one is using rice to produce ethanol! So to apply the argument (and the % figure) to the entire world's food supply is stretching things somewhat.