Thursday, July 03, 2008

Nice jugs... or a big boob?

When I was an avid ad-man I was involved (at the very end) of many a new product launch.

By my point all was sorted, save the bit that told the consumer what the thing was, how it worked and why they could not now live without it.

All this was in the creative brief, which had the key points, but also usually came supported by telephone directories of other guff such as customer research and consumer trial data.

You don't make a massive investment in a brand new product, requiring all sorts of new kit, and then advertise it, requiring all sorts of munny, without first making sure it works.

Or... possibly... not.

Wal-Mart’s New Milk Jug Cuts Costs, Customers Cry Over Spilt Milk

Interesting to see how this new 'eco-inovation' is shaping up.

New ‘Green’ Milk Jugs Not Cutting it with Consumers

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