Friday, July 11, 2008

We've been labelled!

You know how folk usually don't like being labelled?

Well, we have, and we could not be more thrilled!

Now I know I bang on about the actual use of a lot of 'green labelling' initiatives, especially to already overloaded and/confused consumers wandering down the aisles (is finding 75g of carbon in crisp pack enough to abandon the store and drive to the next town?), but how about a nifty bit of re:use ideas re:direction... on every pack? As with the recycling URL, is looking forward to enjoying pride of place (well, lurking) on the product ranges from Poundland.

And, until today, we knew not one thing about it, until this very nice email email arrived from a very nice chap: Neil Ballard, their Packaging & Design Manager -

"After meeting you (and being thoroughly inspired) at the Packaging Show at the NEC earlier this year, you will be pleased to know that we have now added your website address to over 600 lines of product that will be coming in to our business over the next few months (primarily Halloween and Christmas) and we will continue to do so to as many lines as possible. See attached example of how you have been integrated on to our own label packs. I hope this helps your cause and that your business/website grows exponentially!"

I actually thought it was a wind up at first, but having spoken to the man himself it looks like we have yet another, and highly significant addition to the cause... and, soon, we hope, database!

Early days, but we're looking forward to hooking up with them on all sorts of fun & games to help the consumer, the planet... and... by way of inspiring a few other businesses, our two companies' own bottom lines too!


Dave said...

Sounds like the first genuinely big break for Well done.

Next up? Perhaps M&S or Tesco?

Peter said...

Thank you. Here's hoping.

All the more welcome by being a complete surprise... out of the blue.

It's nice to know that our efforts are getting noticed out and about... as often it has been difficult keeping going, and such as this is a welcome boost.

This is one of the first major endorsements by a major business entity, and in a manner, written and actions, that with luck will resonate with the public, media... and other businesses.

The 'fit' is very good with Poundland. Their audience base is obviously very interested in value for money, but it's also great that while money is a main driver they see their customers being equally concerned with environmental issues. So saving the planet, even a very small bit by bit, whilst saving a few pennies, is still worth promoting.

It will be a tougher sell to others to be sure, but we know some are aware, and ready to be convinced. Perhaps as financial pressures bite deeper and consumers start looking more critically at 'green' initiatives, we'll see the concept extending further.

It would be great to see the site packed with data so everything on a supermarket shelf can end up with a reuse one day... with a little less in the landfill and a little more in the pockets of all taking part.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Peter.

By the way, I just tried to post on El Burro but failed because the comment interface only allows me to declare a 'Google/Blogger' or an 'OpenID' identity, neither of which I have (and am not that keen to create one).

Is there any chance you could enable the 'Name/URL' or 'Anonymous' identity?


Peter said...

Thank you, Cloe.

It's proving a roller-coaster ride, but with luck this one will prove one of the 'ups', and may even lead to some much-needed revenue... eventually.

As to the EB comment interface I will head over there and with luck push whatever buttons I hadn't until now to allow you to post as you request. I don't think anyone esle knows it's there.

Yet agin I remain just slightly behind the IT curve.

Be gentle.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Huge congratulations...and on the newsletter too. Fab work! All the best, Karen

Anonymous said...

Wowee - this is FABULOUS news! Well done you. I think it's wonderful that your resource has been 'talent spotted' and I'm thrilled that some of these items may now be given a new lease of life once they are past their best.

Well done you; big celebration time :)

Mrs G x