Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I think this deserves its own gig


Guardian - Chaotic flood defences leave large areas at risk, say MPs - Surprise, surprise. But next time what's the betting we hear 'It's AGW... no one expected this level of...'

BBC - Benn denies flood plan 'chaos' - 'Did too'...'Do not, so muhr...'. Edifying

Indy - Is flooding really as big a risk to Britain now as terrorism?

Times - Thousands more face floods - break out the wellies!

BBC - Insurers agree flood cover deal - Helps a bit

Telegraph - NEW - Flood game shows UK cities under water - Courtesy of Dave from Solarventi, though given his reasons I am not so sure I'm that thrilled: 'Given your proximity to a river prone to flooding, I think I should leave this one to you.'


Environment Agency Floodline - actually quite useful, with email and text warnings
Flood Maps
Flood forum
Floodsim - NEW - a game, though maybe not too much fun for some
Homecheck -
Association of British Insurers -

I'll need to add more when they come in, or collate later. For now, check out the labels below

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