Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yet another Government Website ......

..... on, you've guessed it, climate change.

This new section on DEFRA's website is all about 'Adapting to climate change'.

OK, so what does it tell us? Well, at first glance, it would seem very little that any of the other Gov. developed websites devoted to what they are doing (I couldn't resist a little snigger then) about climate change.

All the links appear to be to existing Gov. website sources already devoted to, errrr, climate change. All the usual suspects, 'Office of climate change', 'Energy savings trust', 'UKCIP', 'ActOnCO2', the new climate change bill etc. But very little new.

I can't help pondering that our Gov's entire raison d'etre here is to be seen to be doing something, whilst actually doing, well, very little. ("Yes, minister, we've put online another fantastic website for the public to access loads of information from").

And what was the cost of this latest 'joining up the web-links' site? Not provided. But you would be forgiven for guessing that it has cost at least a few tens of thousands of pounds.

Oh, sorry, it is a Gov. sponsored website extension. So let's make that a few hundreds of thousands of pounds shall we? Plus how many additional civil servants with ring-fenced gold plated pensions to administer?

Well worth it ...... not!

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Peter said...

To be fair, this looks mainly a complement/duplication on an existing site.

The question then arises to what extent, and how efficiently this fairly general, if 'OK, why not?', unstartling information is derived, editted and uploaded.

As you say, have they hired a whole new bunch of munchkins to inhabit a whole new humming IT centre, going to conferences and sifting reports and meeting each other lots.

You'd hope all not necessary and hence not much extra.

Where I get really interested is if we see a comms budget on PR or worse, ads, popping out the woodwork to point 'us' at it for more 'awareness'.

'Yes, Minister. Our stats show that even more folk are aware there is a problem with climate change and the Gov. is working hard to address it.'

Could be worse. Could have been farmed out to a quango mini quango.