Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jobs for the boys, and girls. Makes you green with envy, eh?

Labour's shocking CO2 admissions

I am, I must admit, still trying to get my head around who actually funds my having my own personal waste / compost advisor / bin checker / sustainability executive / WEEE consultant as I don't think that their pay and pension is covered by them producing anything that actually generates income. Or the vast comms budgets that accompany their roles in Gov, LAs, Edu or quangos.

I know these are not 'meant' to be included in the noble list suggested, but why do I feel they might? I sense, with dread, a pen hovering over a box.

I am wondering who the last poor soul left in the UK will be who is making anything that creates enough wealth enough to support all who need to feed of their taxes.

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