Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'The journey of two thousand more ideas starts with the first second use concept'

All a bit 'doom and gloomy' on the economy front at the moment, so it's nice to share a bit of breaking, ongoing and all-round re-evolving news from Junkk Towers!

Frequent readers of this blog will recall that a wee while ago we were rather chuffed that budget family retail (you know, the ones who are now doing better and better in the current, if sadly looking more and more austere economic climate) chain Poundland had got in touch to say they liked what we're up to, thought re:use was well worth promoting as another 'green' option, and hoped it was OK if they pointed at our site as a way for folk to seek alternative options to the bin and landfill with what they buy.

Well, having recently already noticed a few, we have to say often rather confused/incredulous sign-ups already already on the site, we were pleased to a few days ago at last make these nice folks' acquaintance.

Seems a bit grand to call it a 'meeting', but we had a good chat with both the packaging and PR division heads, and whilst the order of the day is till 'softly-softly' baby steps, we're rather excited at what can, and hopefully will be done by them, by and the two organisations together.

Somewhat of a priority is to get as many bits of data and/or ideas as we can up on site to help and/or inspire those who are tempted our way by the URL on pack. This does actually get rather daunting as we have been told that there is the order of 2,000 lines coming on stream.

Anyway, the journey of two thousand more ideas starts with the first second use concept, so here's one I made just before the progamme (er, blog - you know Junkk is on record as 'Blue Peter on steroids, right?) having been given a sample of the coming Xmas range:

So... the first, perhaps not the best (yet), but then it won't be the last. All you need to do is engage (left) brain and see what transpires.

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