Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Can you be a green petrolhead?

Agree on most. Especially on the size of machine required. A point a few of our green-auto advocates who need 6litre Hummers and 7-series Beemers still miss, even if they stick h2 in 'em to show their eco-cred.

But do cut those poor Americans, especially the teenagers, a wee bit of slack. (Oops, I forgot the host of this blog)

I haven't been there too often, but in many states they can't drink 'til they are 21, in others where there are reasonable, practical public transport systems it's no diff to London (Centre of the Universe), but in some places there's the small matter of most living in a country that is the same distance across as it is from here to Turkey.

Aside from the money, and the logistics and a few other things, if you live in a county where some kids need to travel often scores of miles to get in to school/cinema/etc, it's hard to imagine how else they would do it.

With those Yellow bus jobbies they seem to have the school run better sorted than we do here. As to the rest, if you can re-shoot Bullitt with a Prius...

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