Thursday, October 16, 2008

Messages... and messengers

Piers Morgan solves energy crisis

I was driving to a meeting today (Oh, the irony. However, I did stop off at Ledbury to check out how to get to Brum or London in a more eco and possibly cheaper way... IF the train runs) and listening to the Jeremy Vine show.

It was about charity reverting to home.

Usual wind up. In the stir-up corner was Kelvin McKenzie saying 'sod the rest; Brit is best'.

Against him were lined up at least three fragrant ladies who obviously lunch, but also do good works for 'those less fortunate'. They were very much of the view that more aid rather than less was the order of the day. Folk were starving (true), it wasn't their fault (true. Well, at least the starving ones. I keep seeing nice limos when the Pres lobs up) and 'it's all down to global warming'.

Now, on that last one I am still in a jury that is out. However that all of them opened their pitch with 'I have just got back from flying around...', irony-free, to my mind did not help what else they uttered.

Some are just more equally allowed to 'study the situation' than others, I guess.

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