Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I don't design the 2012 Mascot

London 2012 Olympic mascot: Calling all entries

Dear Sir,

I hadn't realised, by virtue of not reading 'the brief' until now (the point pre-deadline I'd logged in my PC), that this was a search for an agency.

And much as a showcase in the Guardian is attractive, exposing one's brainpower to a potentially profitable property without being more certain of the rewards is unattractive.

Not likely to be a problem bearing in mind the entity involved in the real deal is a committee of worthies from an 'interestingly relevant' set of backgrounds, who don't do bland and yet came up with the whatever it is.

Hence, and rather than submit any doodles, may I instead make a suggestion?

Whatever this 'thing' is, in light of the eco-stance that will form a major part of the games, and the likely frugal, waste-sparing nature of most visitors during this period, rather than piece of useless tat Made in China that serves no function, the brief requires that in addition to being all a mascot needs to be, it is designed to do more than sit on a desk or ending up in a drawer.

Now, having set such a brief, and knowing all the potential manifestations it will need to satisfy in 2 & 3D, in the time left I can't imagine how to fulfill it.


But I would suggest a good start is a hole. You can use it to hang onto things, or things from.

Let the designs begin!


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