Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One less reason to shop...?

Has the the lucky Rabbits' foot that is struck again?

Well, for some.

Now, I'd be hard-pressed to say our little effort in Ross is much more than a drop in the ocean, but our local Morrison's has run out of Let's Grow vouchers.

Just popped over to get the boys' lunch, and as the cashier handed me my bill I smiled and asked for my vouchers, too.

"We've run out', she said.

'Well, what do I do to get them,' I asked.... "See the supervisor".

Oddly, I had only got a few words out before this lady was in full 'It's not my fault" mode.

They've run out, they didn't get any more and at this stage (it ends Nov. 6) there may not be any. No offer to log my receipt in case they do.

Now.... I don't know much about marketing, but that rather smacks of a bit of poor planning and rather suspect customer relations at head office.

Happy to play our part in making the scheme a success. Shame we seem unlikely to get any more vouchers, mind.

Anyway, every little bit helps. And maybe we did, a bit, too.

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