Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NEWS/Commercial PR - Bringing the sun inside, even in winter

One of our good friends on the site and especially this blog is Solarventi

Seems they are moving up in the world and have gone all posh with a PR agency, from whom we have had a release on their behalf.

Happy to share, E&EO...

New Report Shows Amount of Free Energy Available from UK's Most Advanced Solar-powered Air Heating System

The report data shows that a single SV30 generates up to 2kW per hour of free energy, even in external temperatures below the annual UK average of 14 Celsius. During daylight hours, a this will warm incoming air to between 30 and 40 Celsius higher than the outside temperature.

The report also highlights the unit's dehumidification capability. During daylight hours, the average relative humidity of incoming air was reduced by 80% compared with ambient. This further reduces heating bills, as heating a dry home requires less energy than heating a damp, humid property.

The SolarVenti units are powered by a highly efficient solar cell. In sunlight, the units activate to provide interior space heating by warming large volumes of incoming air. This also safely dehumidifies all types of property that may suffer from airborne damp by displacing and replacing the damp air with warmed dry air.

The SV30, which provides heated airflow of up to 150 cubic metres per hour, costs £1272 +VAT including wall mounting brackets and fittings. Roof mounting kits are also available for all larger SolarVenti units.

The 'SV30H Plus' model heats both Air and Water in one unit. This gives heated airflow of up to 100 cubic metres per hour, and heating incoming air by up to 40 Celsius above ambient. It also produces hot water at temperatures up to 55 - 65 Celsius and is supplied as a complete self-install package including hot water cylinder, heat exchanger, solar-powered pump, pipework and fittings, at £2532 + VAT. The unit can be switched between heating the air or water or a mix of both. Airflow from SolarVenti units is controlled with the supplied regulator. Thermostats are also supplied with all SV30 models.

SolarVenti units are designed and made in Denmark. Over 26,000 have been sold worldwide to date, with the majority used in houses and holiday homes and a growing number of municipal buildings.

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