Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NEWS/Commercial PR - POOH CORNER gets its latest update

Now, in true Michael Caine style, 'norralorra people know this, but...' does have a little place called... POOH CORNER.

It got created to 'address' matters of a more effluvial nature that are nonetheless environmentally valuable, and copped the moniker when my boys heard my talking about the topic, made a very odd connection with Christopher Robin whilst giggling 'He said poo!'. It was a while ago, but even at 12 they still fall about. Like I say... boys.

Nothing there yet, of course, because for now all goes here on the blog, but I really must get busy loading it up as, over the years, a lot has come in that would be ideal to go here.

Anyhoo... to the point.

Those nice folks at ecover, who already dominate the 'E' section of the Ideas pages, have sent us a freebie to go with a bit of worthy PR. The pack is now here and here. No ideas yet, but the cap is promising. Maybe ecover can get busy here as they have before.

The PR is here. The first bit is well worth noting. And as they are mates I've left in the 'product blurb', too (too much to pun it a shamless plug..hole?):


40% of the world's population, 2.5 billion people, don't have access to a toilet. To raise awareness of this global sanitation crisis, and to celebrate the humble yet essential Ecover bathroom cleaner [now that's something I have never seen celebrated before! - Ed], November 19th has been designated World Toilet Day.

We’re excited about World Toilet Day because it complements our three year partnership with WaterAid to provide access to safe water and sanitation in the Hintalo Wajerat area of rural Ethiopia.

For further information on Ecover’s partnership with WaterAid visit

About Ecover Ocean Waves Toilet Cleaner

As with all Ecover products, the Ocean Waves Toilet Cleaner is formulated from plant and mineral-based ingredients, biodegrading quickly and completely to ensure it has a minimal impact on aquatic life.

Telegraph - NEW - Why we shouldn't sneer at World Toilet Day

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