Monday, November 03, 2008

Quote of the day - QED

As today's papers are excited about some councils removing Latin from our lingua franca...

I thought I'd share this from 21st Century Latin by linguist Sam Foster:

Calefaction muni - veniat! Colorandum pellum totum annum et via brevior ad litus!

Global warming - bring it on! An all-year tan and a shorter drive to the beach.

Gaurdian - Ave atque vale, lingua Latina - Some folk have too much time on their hands. QED.

Also just noticed a wee glitch that might employ many officers for many days if the write the funding application well enough.

'et cetera' is often abbreviated 'etc', I believe.

Now, I see possible problems with either the easily offended or Japanese communities with "and so on".


Daily Mail - The councils who ban Latin words because they are 'elitist and discriminatory' and confuse immigrants

Telegraph - Local council cretins ban Latin as 'elitist', pro bono publico

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