Monday, November 03, 2008

When a promise isn't a commitment ......

... Or, when a commitment simply gets fudged and/or bungled?

An interesting comment piece from the Telegraph on when what is on the statute books is simply, well, bypassed. Plus, the author reckons what has happened with the fuel poverty commitment will also happen with the climate change bill.

I can hear the arguments already "errrrr, well, the 80% reduction in greenhouse gases was a target see, and we did not have the available finances to meet it, so, errrr, we haven't, errr, met it, well, as yet".

T'was ever thus!

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Peter said...

You know there's the caution of 'crying wolf'?

Well, I think there's version at play in politics, and it's 'Trumpeting a Target'.

And the message is the same, and in the case of this administration the level of slack free to be cut has long since been exceeded.

Sadly, it seems a less than challenging media establishment these days is too often happy to pump out any old press release from Gordon and the GOATS, and continue to confer 'green' blessings upon them when the history suggests otherwise.

I accept that there are massive practical issues, especially weighing economic fears with tangible, effective enviROI measures, but trotting out a temporary, pointless claim uncritically serves little. Aspecially as we have been here too often before.