Saturday, November 22, 2008

Renewable Energy By Imitating Fish?

Sound a little far fetched? Well, not so, according to the VIVACE research project from the University of Michigan.

It seems that schools of fish swim highly efficiently by riding the vortexes created in the water as those in front of them push their tail fins from side to side. The research looked at this principle and came up with the concept of utilising vortex induced vibrations (generally something that civil engineers spend most of their time trying to eliminate or minimise in bridges and in any project where structures sit in water) to create a potential renewable energy source that will operate even in slow moving currents.

Interesting. Maybe a technology to keep half an eye on?

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Peter said...

And a ready to crank eyebrow.

But I have to say I am on board with this one.

I like hydro anyway, but this is talking slow and, one presumes, more often than not, fresh water.

One of my biggest enviROI concerns with many seaborne wind and tidal jobs is a lot of fast moving bits in an aggressive salt/water environment that will need sealing/maintaining.