Saturday, July 26, 2008

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I like maps

The Pollution Map of Beijing

I think we need one of these for everywhere.

You know where you are... and who has put you in the position you are in... there.


Cloe_F said...

Here's one for London:

London Air Quality Network

but not as precise.

National ones seem to be a little more difficult to come by, although there is this one:

UK National Air Quality Archive

through which you can apparently (although I haven't tried this out as yet) download a kmz file that works with GoogleEarth to show you hourly updates of air pollution around the UK:

UK National Air Quality Archive - GoogleEarth air pollution module

and there are some other links at the bottom of the main page.

Peter said...

Nifty! Just what I like on this blog... useful links. Ta v. much.