Thursday, February 19, 2009

But is it...

Ethical Man is reborn

Like the last one, I'll probably value some of the information, but I suspect the overall message will crank an eyebrow as various aspects are 'cherry picked' and just as casually dropped later as part of the 'enhanced narrative'.

Ethical Man Project
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Can't wait. Even aspects of the first sentence starts my eyebrow quivering... ' a hybrid car'.
Then of course there was what got done for the story, and what happened in fact...

'We stopped flying,'

But he didn't. He flew to Jamaica to 'report' on energy saving bulbs. And the family may have had a year out camping, and very nice too, but I very much doubt when it was all over there was not the odd ski trip with the rest of the BBC school break crew subsequently.

' rid of the car'

Not sure that's quite a fair representation. They sold their car to a friend on the basis they could use it when required, and/or rented.

Plus of course all that goes on behind the camera to make what is in front look slick.

And finally... and again... when it's all over then what? Fly back and take a nice holiday?

Looking at the comments so far (I have refrained), it is already shaping up as pretty polarised with, I am surprised to note, a large chunk not best impressed. Not sure this is working out as well as it might for the message, though the messeners look liek they'll be having some fun. It's a journey I'd love to do one day.

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