Thursday, February 05, 2009

Firefox Surprises

I just upgraded my Firefox browser (Mac only) and a lot of new stuff has popped up.

Oddly (or not, I think they are all Google-linked) this seems to have 'affected' my blog too; I hope in a good way.

A bunch more functionality has appeared.

Now I am all for toys, but having been put off Facebook by all the walls and pokes and what have you I must proceed with caution here.

As building a community is obviously something I am keen to encourage, there is one that strikes a chord immediately, though the name sucks.

It's called 'Followers'. I know this is literally correct, and pretty much says what is on the tin, but I am not sure I like the connotations. Maybe it is just me. Not sure what I would post, but it seems just 'off-putting' in those terms. I guess all who have an interest in my blog and click on a thing to be informed are 'following' it, but for this journey I simply seek to share with 'Fellow Travellers'.

I wonder if Mozilla will be open to the suggestion?

I also need to check out what the other consequences are of adding this, but it may be a worthy option.

Addendum - Let's try. I can 'rename' the title, but it still has those sharing my journey as 'followers' and I can't seem to delete it. Plus there is an option to be 'secret' follower so that allows folk to track without being seen.

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