Thursday, March 05, 2009

Where will it all... um.. end?

First they came for the 4x4s, and then it snowed....

Then they came for the bottled water and the purification plant got flooded...

Sorry, a flippant take on a serious issue.

Leading first to a 'too much info' alert for those of weak tummy dispositions.

American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers'

Thing is, I have to say I cannot see why... make that believe it's not possible to make suitably soft products without cutting down a virgin forest.

This is key. Because one has to be pragmatic. I come from an era when the school loos offered what was known as 'British Rail Smoothies' (giving you a hint as to the fun that train travel offered the hapless commuter) which, whilst not offering the tactile sensation of some other sandpaper varieties, was about as much use as a plastic bag.

And there is no way my missus and the golden boys are going to willingly go back to that in a hurry.

This household is already a bit divided on the porcelain front. Even before the water meter was but in, I was a a bit of a 'let it mellow' advocate, but after a few long days, hot summers and a bit of male forgetfulness on the bedtime flush front, it became an 'issue'.

There's also be the amount of tissue and where it gets used. I have a certain sympathy with my wife's views on the basic differences of the female anatomy to the males, and how certain functions are carried out. Let's just say what goes down can also splash back up. Hence I became aware that a little 'nest' was being created first, partly for hygiene but also to avoid the brush. Fair enough. But now I found the boys see merit in this too.

In some attempt at mitigation, I have instituted a dual roll (geddit?) policy, whereby cheap, recycled, rough stock is on hand to 'prepare', leaving, with luck, more 'high end' (sorry) material for the softer touch function.

However, having written all that, even the soft tissue we use is bog-standard (sorry again) supermarket recycled, and it seems pretty up to the task delicate-wise to all of us.

And so, flushed with .... no, I better get out while the going is still decent. If not the puns.

Telegraph - Fluffiness comes at a price': the eco-loons are after our loo paper! - A rather less than insightful diatribe. I include it because of a point made on bleaching making recycled worse in some cases (enviROI!). Now, how to confirm?

Guardian - American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers' - At least they are recycling the images - Not these wise words: Yes - it should be recycled - here in California I buy "Bright Green" brand, which is recycled. But if you buy the thin stuff you only use more.

Gaurdian - NEW - Let's wipe out toilet paper - To date... 237 comments! The first dozen were enough. What would we do without our media?


Almost Mrs Average said...

I've very much enjoyed this account Peter and love the Dual Roll Policy LOL. I must say, this tempted me in where the original article didn't. I'd best go over there for a looksy.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Oh my word - I've just read it...I've not got the most wonderful after-dinner topic to share with my US friends...LOL