Saturday, March 07, 2009

The RE:tie - a reminder

Some may be familiar with our RE:tie concept that we are trying to market.

It has been, is, and doubtless will be a roller-coaster ride, especially as we try and assault business whose main defence against the credit crunch is to hunker down and retreat behind comfort zones rather than aggressively reach out, seek and/or embrace new ideas and USPs to ride the wave, defend and even capture new markets.

Which can be frustrating.

All I can do is direct such folk at such as this: Shoppers: Green packaging is a purchase tiebreaker

I think this rather says it all.... no more, but no less than what we claim... and offer: a tie-breaker (that word is familiar)

I merely also note, in the piece and the bar chart, that the RE:tie ALSO adds to functionality in the ease of opening and reusability areas too.... to repeat... ON TOP. I could maintain that adds to perceived quality as well.

I also happen to believe that RE:tie can talk a language shoppers can and will understand, and much more than many current 'green' initiatives pumped out by the FMCG industry, laden with jargon.

'...packaging first needs to provide value by satisfying their comfort and convenience needs. Succeed there, and shoppers just might support your efforts at green packaging—and, the studies suggest, perhaps be willing to pay a little more for it.'

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