Friday, March 06, 2009

Big is beautiful, right?

Interesting article, and responses, over on the BBC Green Room, one of our featured main links.

Big Problems Need Big Solutions

It highlights the dilemmas 'we' face.

I am much more in favour of doing more than talking, so mention of solutions always catches my eye.

I am also, rather cowardly, on record as erring on dodging some highly polarised major issues, from 'climate change' to population, as so consumed and gridlocked by the extremes that I prefer to focus on where I can make more of a difference.

However, when you come to things like this you can't simply ignore the bigger pictures, and it all highlights to me how hampered we are by uncertainty.

Without going into justifications or not, the simple fact is that global geo-engineering projects will take trillions. Where the heck is that going to come from, especially short-term in a recession-ridden world, or longer term from a more populated one (unless taxes are ramped up)?

And when there is still such uncertainty, what about the law of unintended consequences. Humankind has not proven itself the best of meddlers with nature, and I think future generations might be a tad miffed if we blow our wad on a solar sunshade or unchecked algae growth that may make things worse.

Not for the first time I'm stumped. And much as I like positives, I do hope the media will not junp on bandwagons for certain endeavours without thinking to hard, just because they are big and sexy.

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