Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Let's get this straight.

The latest leaked (maybe this should be 'whattheyaretellingustheywillbesaying'news'@sky.com/bbc.co.uk) big budget idea is to accommodate the growing population being encouraged (how is that working out, as one doubts these folk will consume much less) is... build more council homes. Concrete. Driveways. Water for washing cars and running off to drains. Lots of extra A+, but still energy sucking devices. And as a bit of free feedback to help that multimillion £ research, I suspects bees don't thrive when the greenery is paved over. Just a thought.

It's many things (lots of lovely voters). But let's give up any pretence of it being green. And remind me, what are the fuel consequences of grinding around all (school zones for sure worthy) urban areas at 20mph?

Metaefficient - NEW - City Of Green Rings To Be Built In Korea - if you must build, maybe this is a way to do it and keep the green spaces.

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