Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing like jumping on a bandwagon

Especially when it's already hurtling past!

Having signed up for Twitter yonks ago I promptly did b-all by way of anything more.

Anyhoo, prodded by my missus I went back and found I had a group of chums already there who I rather rudely had ignored by not knowing they were there (I think I need to read up on alerts).

So now, in addition to this blog, a few other blogs, my stalled Facebook/MySpace group pages and and some other pressing stuff, I now have to tweet with the best of 'em. Hey ho.

It might help if I first figure out how it all works, but I am guessing a precis of this blog might be a good start, but maybe only the gossipy stuff.

I'll start a social networking contacts page (and link it in the nav bar when I do, soon) but for now, should you be so disposed...

Actually, from my too long lost ad days it might be a good discipline. I once saw a poster that said something like 'Great copywriters have to do it in 8 words or less'. To which I penned my own: 'Don't know about great, but this writer has to do it in less than 3o seconds (and twice that number of words)'.

140 characters should be a doddle:)

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