Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I tend to avoid politics here, but really...

A greener world from the ground up

... from the mouths of knaves.

Seems what I wrote was deemed 'immoderate':

I await, with morbid anticipation, the inevitable fawning round of 'interviews' on various complicit, content -strapped or strong-armed national TV sofas to get this tripe shared live.

From the replies here so far, it might be better to go broadcast only in future, as further unanimous accolades of world-class hypocrite might make uncomfortable reviewing otherwise for even the thickest... er.. skin.

I think it might be best to belt up, retire as disgracefully as possible, as soon as possible, and curl up with a good lackey or protege, who can throw the odd shredded blog of ethical credibility on the fire to keep the public profile flickering.

Mind you, though there are, Yoda-like, 'others', so many others, who else can the Grauniad trot out to keep the hit rate up?

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