Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saving money and reducing impact on climate change

Sound familiar?

Pretty much the mantra over the last decade, with the possible caveat that we don't mind climate changing or even impacts on it if they are moderate and normal. It's the excessive, negative bits, like inefficiency and waste, that we don't rate.

And, we like to try and do it for free.

Last time I had a rant on this I got a kind invite from a speaker. Don't think I'll be so blessed again.

But it is worth noting that the cost has pretty much halved since then. Ne economic realities, or an attempt at helping get some from less well funded areas in to contribute?

Sadly, at £500+ for a day, it's still a definition of saving money I cannot really justify.

In this weakened economy, businesses are challenged to reduce their costs and improve efficiency, without compromising their climate change commitments. At the Guardian Climate Change Summit on 15 June, delegates will have the opportunity to learn from real examples set by businesses that have successfully proven to be both carbon and cost efficient and they will be able to explore what these examples can teach their own business. As well as case studies, bespoke breakout sessions will provide advice and insight into saving costs and reducing impact. Jane Dennet-Thorpe, Department of Energy will explore how to finance the changes to your business that the Carbon Reduction Commitment will demand. And Stephen Reeson, Food & Drink Federation will discuss how to work with your suppliers to reduce emissions across your supply chain. This is an unmissable event for anyone in need of practical strategies to minimise costs and maximise carbon efficiency. Visit to register.

You even get another YouTube special (actually more of an 'I or me-Tube' from his modest efforts) from our PM, which is always good value.

Intriguing this was thought to help.

Addendum - this just 'in' from another 'summit-seller':

Just a quick one to let you know that the winners of the prize draw for the 2 free tickets to the Responsible Business Summit are xx and yy.

Sorry you didn’t win!

To compensate for not winning the free pass, I’m offering you a bronze pass for £795 + VAT (A saving of £500!!).

How, er, generous.

ps: when I saw 'RBS' as the URL I almost gave it a miss anyway.

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