Thursday, April 23, 2009

UK Will cut emissions by a third

So, now we all know. The bodge-it is finalised, and the renewables sector gets an allocation of some £1.4 Billion to boost the UK's investment in projects to reduce our carbon emissions.

I love the confidence of the headline "Greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by a third in world's first carbon Budget" in today's Telegraph. Note that key word 'will'. Oh, and it is a legally binding target - "Alistair Darling committed the UK to cutting greenhouse gases by 34 per cent by 2020 in the first legally binding "carbon budget" in the world."

Now just what does 'legally binding' mean in this respect? If we fail to make the cuts by 2020, does AD get sent to prison?

But best of all in this article is the typo (well, I hope it is a typo!) - "He also found £45 for small scale renewables like wind turbines on houses and £25 million for community heating schemes"
It looks like he doesn't have much faith in small scale wind turbines - only £45!

It was this little section that intrigued me the most though - "Some £405 million will go towards encouraging so-called 'green collar' jobs in the environment industry through boosting manufacturing in low carbon goods like solar panels." Now I have been unable to find anything that details just where that £405M will go, but it sounds like a rather tasty gravy train to get on board if you can.

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Peter said...

So it's not just me, then?

This whole green collar boondoggle is spinning that is out of control.

On another blog I asked what putting more funding into JobCentres was going to achieve to help unemployment if there were no jobs (having been in one of these places lately, it's hard to see what function they serve other than as an airconditioned place for someone looking for a job to check a screen uploaded by a perron in the area with one, as a few folk stand outside on a ciggie break).

Forgetting that the unemployment figure being 'helped' was not the one I was stupidly assuming.