Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well I do declare... a Junkk FATWa

A Junkketeer wrote in...

The budget made me laugh, new investment in green technology for car development ! How can that be green ?

Eon's name is being bandied around to start burying the CO2 under the sea using Carbon capture technology for coal fire stations .

Hang on !-isn't Gordon Brown's brother one of the directors of Eon .... hmm, and who said the CO2 will remain under the sea.

Electric cars for London , that will course create more C02 than current petrol and diesel .

Useless ! they haven't a ~~~#ing clue .

I too was laughing, but some in the vicinity said it sounded a tad manic.

I thought they had no clue, but now I am not so sure. Having had an ethics by-pass the one thing for sure is they will all get paid, and pensioned, on the ashes of our kids' futures.

I am now erring more on declaring a FATWa... 'First Against The Wall.. when the revolution comes!'

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