Friday, May 15, 2009

Would you like ice with that?

Actually, it's more about the business model for Junkk's survival.

News pay walls? Consumer says no

But I did see an opening for some input on the calibre of science reporting.

As one with a blog that sifts a lot of 'good enough', if often wildly disparate 'free' in a niche area (green issues) to try and get to something approaching objective fact in matters scientific, and yet more reasonable commentary via subjective analysis that is clear of overt agendas, I'd say amen to most of that.

However, looking at this paper's own coverage on some plucky types' hike in the chilly wastes dipping rulers in the water, and comparing it with other reports, it is often not very easy.

BBC - Ice sheet melt threat reassessed

BBC - Relief as Arctic quest concludes - two aircraft landed on the floating Arctic ice to collect Pen Hadow, Ann Daniels and Martin Hartley.

Telegraph - Global warming explorers in Arctic get nasty shock: polar ice caps blooming freezing

BBC - The Catlin Arctic Survey: daring, yes, but is the science any good?

Indy - Melting ice could cause gravity shift - My favourite word, 'could', sets the tone

Gaurdian - NEW - Arctic explorers end mission to survey sea ice

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