Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Car-go cult

It runs. But on what?

As an LPG driver, and one pretty happy with the experience to date (a forthcoming summer EU camping tour will be a real test), I have a letter into VW UK having read this, to ask if it is going to be available here.

Though as I still have a perfectly good R-reg Golf even the scrappage* lure is unlikely.

And speaking of Golfing...

Meanwhile, back at the world of petals wafting from exhaust pipes, and energy conjured up from pixie dust:

Hydrogen-powered car makes debut

I actually like the idea of H2, but it's the 'Oh?!' of where it comes from that still concerns me.


Just stumbled across this:

I don't know what percentage of the 60,000 new cars ordered so far under the Government's scrappage scheme were manufactured in the UK. I would guess quite a small one. We could equally ask who would have repaired and maintained the 60,000 old cars to be scrapped in exchange, had they instead been kept on the road. The answer is small businesses employing skilled mechanics up and down the country. Perhaps the Government is content for us to be a nation of car salesmen and credit brokers.

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