Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New directions. Older problems.

Encouraged by helpful support from fellow bloggers, I feel more confident with the odd 'off piste' post.

Though not quite out of the woods yet (meetings with finance guys, trying to let her cottage, etc), with my dear old Mum now in a nursing home I hope to see my focus on work options returning more soon.

Not before time.

The extended competition deadline is already half gone, and I have not promoted it anywhere yet. Plus the newsletter is two weeks overdue...

Anyway, there is also the not so small matter of what to do with an aspect of my life I have not really had access to for nearly a decade. And that is my career and, more specifically, one that pays the bills.

With Mum in a home, a lot of money that stayed within the family is now redirected and, on top, requiring serious monthly supplements. Her cottage, for instance, might just generate enough rental for 5 days fees in the home.

I had always thought that, as a writer, I had skills that were relatively saleable no matter what. And as this body of work might attest, plus all that has been generated for and by, the spirit of creativity is still alive and well, if perhaps not of late in the cause of soap powders or sports cars.

But there have been a few reality checks, and not entirely welcome ones.

I have dabbled for a while with getting back in the ad game, but have put down any lack of interviews to not being exactly clear on my availability. Fair enough.

However, last week a forum post set me afire. It was for a job nearby and for which I was... am well qualified. It was also urgent, and encouraged the prompt submission of a CV. And hence I responded.

I even waited a day, and then called just to ask if they could confirm all had arrived safe and sound (firewalls and spam filters can prove regular spoilers). The person in question was busy, and the receptionist said they'd call right back. That was a few days ago. I do plan to chase, but it's not looking encouraging.

On a day that I read the football world is allowed to be ageist (with some justification - I don't see me dribbling round Ronaldo very effectively, at least not with a ball), I rather suspect yet more toothless, overhyped, box-ticking, 'may look good but by golly doesn't do any good' legislation (a bit like most in the world of 'green') will make much dent on an industry where you are lucky to still be employed, much less hired, if you are over 40.

Here's hoping RE:tie's patents pay off soon!

Addenda: Mind you, I could be worse, I guess....

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