Thursday, June 04, 2009

Every little less helps

It started as my Bernstein/Woodward moment.

However, I think fame, glory and Pulitzer Prizes may still elude me.

But a question still remains.

As some may know, I throw nothing out that might one day find a use.

This can raise many issues, and storage (out of missus' gaze) is high on the list. However, it is surprising just how much can slot together and actually see a ton of stuff end up in a very small space.

Sadly, yoghurt pots are not one. For years I have been only able to squeeze the end of one about 20% into the top of the next (there is a glimmer of a plan as a consequence, so where a door closes and all that...).

However, t'other day as I was stacking away, one pot just dropped straight in. What's more, there was a good 2mm gap between its exterior and and the interior of the more 'usual' ones. It is only 'proud' in the picture as I popped in a bottle cap to show it up.

'Hah.. Gotcha!' I thought. Clear tweaking to sell less at the same price. But... Peter... who I work with, had a gander and noticed the smaller pack had a different batching code, and reckons it's just another supplier. And that there was no way they'd pull a stunt like that...surely.

But we are talking one on several hundred, and why would a plastic mould, one presumes specified by the brand, differ?

And, in any case, if you can get the same legal amount of product into a smaller pack...self-evidently... why would you not anyway? Less plastic and all that...:)

I reckon the plot, like the product, may yet thicken.

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