Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A lesson in laying out policy at voting time...

Labour's real action on climate change

Or, possibly, not.

This being the Guardian, a once safe haven, the comments are telling.

I am getting a tad ticked off with the choice of only two sets of pols at the moment: those that are clearly deluded and will say anything, and those that are clearly scared of being nailed on anything substantive, and hence say nothing.

Doesn't make one's voting choice tomorrow (and, it looks, next month, if only to try and find a fully-stocked Cabinet to lead us) too easy, but I am at least working to a course if only by a process of elimination.


Helped, at the post, by another pol set that doesn't float my boat: if you haven't got anything good to say, say something bad about someone else. Nice one (and I don't just mean the ex's claims). Makes things easier by the moment.

How green is the Labour government?

What a waste. Who was going to decide between Labour and Green on eco issues?

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