Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PROF'S POSER - Of mice and mending

Actually, this is more of a (and inspires another acronym in the process...) 'WIBNI'.

That's 'Wouldn't It Be Nice If..'

Today my trusty wireless keyboard conked. And being a Mac user, going to back-up (never throwing anything away has its uses) is proving a trail, as I really miss the scroll wheel and especially the right click button.

Anyway, a bunch of surfing and a chat with their tech guys suggests it has gone to the great WEEE pile in the sky, especially as its several years post warranty.

The WIBNI bit is that while the keyboard is no more, the mouse and all the charger/wireless gubbins is not.

It just seems a pity that I could not find a soul that has a dead mouse but still pukka keyboard and come to an arrangement. Even if it is just a central place to pool our respective working bits to recombine one operational unit.

Though I guess the frequencies would need to be matched.

A sort of 'Join 'Em Up JunkkYard' or 'Fix it FreeCycle'

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