Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEWS/LOCAL - UK - SL area - RE:warding News

After a bit of a downer stretch, I'm happy to track down a positive.

Alerted by a Local Government story in one of my daily gazillion newsletters, I am happy to bring you this via The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council website:

RecycleBank - Rewarding You for Recycling

Taking some key points from the blurb:

Working in partnership with Veolia Environmental Services and RecycleBank, the Council will be the first in the UK to trial Rewards for recycling - an initiative that has already been successful in the United States where it has helped to boost recycling rates significantly.

It works by weighing the amount of recycling materials produced by participating households, using special equipment in the collection lorries. Households are set up with a unique RecycleBank Rewards Account, which means the more you recycle the more Points you accumulate to use in local and national outlets or for donations to charity.

The Council has underlined that the reward scheme is NOT a forerunner to any kind of penalty system. The Royal Borough believes in rewarding residents for recycling, not imposing penalties, and will not introduce 'pay-as-you-throw' or any similar scheme.

As it's a first, and only in that area, I could not access any more details or sign up, but I have asked to be kept informed and will share as and when I am.

But, looking at that last para alone, what's not to like?

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