Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nudge, nudge, and, er... another nudge

Hey, if the opportunity presents:

Unilever launches sustainability drive

The Cleaner Planet Plan sounds interesting and to be applauded*. I shall look forward to hearing more about its scope, and especially if it covers such as recycling and/or reuse (my personal favourite) beyond the commitment to reduction.

Reuse especially offers great opportunity to affect the habits of consumers on top of any feel good factor with tangible rewards to pocket as well as planet. A rare 'win-win' for all in the mix, from marketer to consumer. Even some often at the sharp end, such as LGAs, who too often are lumbered with wielding threat, guilt, nanny or scare: none of which are over-motivating.

*With a big eyebrow ready to crank.

And, while we're at it:

Tesco and Asda slip down WPP Green survey

I'm trying to get a scope and will report if anything interesting evolves.

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